World Bank says the Africa Higher Education Centers of Excellence ACE meeting is an opportunity for countries to brainstorm on common challenges faced by the project to improve on the programs they offer.

World Bank Country Manager, Greg Toulmin, has said this at the ACE project meeting which is underway in Lilongwe.

Toulmin said the meeting will also reflect on the key findings and challenges faced with respect to progress made in the implementation of the project and areas for further improvement of the project.

In his remarks, Ministry of Education Principal Secretary, Justine Saidi, said the meeting has provided a platform for interaction between country representatives at the meeting on how they have improved their education in the higher learning institutions.

Saidi said the project is making progress in Malawi as it has helped Malawians universities generate more resources through enrollment of students from other countries.

The Principal of College of Medicine, representing all ACEs, Dr Mwapasa Mipando said the training is an opportunity for them to showcase their achievements in terms of how they have improved the programs they offer.

The Africa Higher Education Centers of Excellence project was launched in 2016 and expected to end 2022, and the meeting has attracted over 24 Eastern and southern African countries.