The Transporters Association of Malawi (TAM) has said it is not going to afford paying the K100 thousand monthly salaries to truck drivers if government will not consider their conditions.

The remarks have been made by the Chairperson of TAM, Lighton Dzombe, during a press Briefing that was held in Lilongwe.

Dzombe argued that many imports coming into Malawi like fertilizer, medical supplies among others are being dominated by foreign transporters is also making Malawian transporters to fail raising salary for their drivers.

He said transporters are not paid enough rates from companies to enable to raise them salary for drivers as they are not making enough profits.

Dzombe then asked government to protect the transport industry by among others following the policies in the SADC region that stipulates that 70% of imported goods should be carried by local transporters and 30% by foreign transporters to stop foreign transporters from invading Malawian transporters as it is currently.