Blantyre District Health Office (DHO) has intensified Ebola awareness campaigns amid reports that the disease has spread to Tanzania.

Speaking in Senior Group Village Head Chiwembe, Blantyre DHO Health Promotion Officer, Chrissy Banda, said the campaigns were one way of preparing communities against any possible Ebola outbreak.

Banda said although there was no such an outbreak in the country, it was still necessary that Malawians be kept abreast of the cause and symptoms of the disease and how it gets transmitted from one person to another.

“Apart from rural communities the campaigns also target hot business centres such as markets and car selling points emphasising on the need for Malawians to restrict their movement, especially going outside the country,” Banda said

Chief Chiwembe commended the DHO for moving with speed to spread the messages which would prepare his community to fight against any possible outbreak of the disease.