Malawi lacks weather forecasting equipment

Malawi lacks weather forecasting equipment

Lack of weather forecasting equipment is said to be affecting efforts to spread weather related information to communities in Zomba.

This was said by Head of public weather services in the department of climate change and meteorological services Elina Kululanga during a stakeholders meeting.

Kululanga said, currently Zomba has only three equipment which are stationed at distant places hence making it difficult to forecast weather for the whole district.

“Weather information is very important because it helps people to be prepared for hard times which may rise due to bad weather,” said Kululanga

He said because of this her department will be giving Zomba residents, a 5-day weather forecast, so that people should always be alert.

Kululanga then urged stakeholders to consider disseminating such information to communities.

“Organizations to consider buying and installing weather forecasting equipment in addition to their usual meeting,” Kululanga said

On her part, District Environmental Officer Slyvia Ambali said currently the council has no capacity to procure such equipments but was quick to say that there are other programs currently in place which aim at civic educating the communities on weather issues.

Ambali said they have projects in place which are assisting the communities to be able to come up with activities, which deal with challenges rising from climate change.

“Such programs help people to be aware of precautionary measure during emergency times in order to serve lives as well as properties,” said Ambali

The weather forecasting equipment in Zomba is stationed in Chingale, District Agricultural Office and Chancellor College campus.

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