Malawi to Conduct Mass Drug Administration against Bilhazia

Malawi to Conduct Mass Drug Administration against Bilhazia

Minister of health says will conduct a mass drug administration against Bilhazia and intestinal worms this month

Secretary for health Dr Samson Mndolo says the campaign will be conducted from 25th to 27th September because the disease and worms continue being a public health concern with devastating complications

According to Mndolo it will be done in 27 districts targeting areas that are still significantly reporting cases

2, 920, 013 people have been targeted in 239 Traditional Authorities across the country

Out of these 2, 661,724 are school aged from 5 to 14 years while 258, 289 are adults from 15 years and above in hotspot areas.

Dr Mndolo says community health workers will carry out a registration exercise in the targeted traditional authorities to ensure that all those eligible receive the medicines

This will be done at least a week before the mass drug administration therefore the ministry is calling local leaders and health volunteers to ensure success of the campaign

Meanwhile the secretary for health is advising eligible clients have eaten enough food before taking the drug.


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