Traditional Authority TA Mposa of Machinga has urged Islamic organizations offering religious knowledge to women to include secular studies

The Traditional leader said this at Milala masjid during women Jalasa organised by Albayan Islamic Organisation BIO where women showcased what they learn in their madrassahs

TA Mposa said injecting adult literacy programs would help women to have balanced knowledge which is crucial for understanding various aspects of life

While commending BIO for imparting religious knowledge in women in his area and of TA Chamba the Traditional leader called upon other organizations to flood the area with more programs

On his part BIO Director Gift Sitima said are targeting women because they understand that one a woman is educated she has potential to transfer knowledge to the whole family and community

Speaking on behalf of other women Lasmin Edward haild BIO for opening madrassahs in the area saying many women are now able to learn more about Islam

Edward then encouraged fellow women to register so that they can benefit from the same

The Jalasa brought together 500 women from 6 madrassahs which Albayan Islamic Organisation is running in the areas of TAs Mposa and Chamba