Malawi’s 2017-2018 Budget Session Opens

Malawi’s 2017-2018 Budget Session Opens

Though Malawi has faced a number of natural disasters government has projected a 5% increment in the countries Growth Domestic Product.

Speaking when opening the 2017 to 2018 budget session in parliament president professor Peter Mutharika said the country is on the right track in its economic recovery plan.

In his 1 and half hour speech the president assured Malawians of his government’s commitment towards improvement of people’s lives.

“My government will ensure that nobody dies of hunger and lack of medicine among others,”said Mutharika.

The country’s economic analysts Professor Ben Kaluwa of Chancellor College said the 5% increment in the country’s GDP can be realized because of bumper yields.

commenting on the state of national address on Monday leader of opposition Dr Laxarus Chakwera said it lacks tangible measures of improving the country’s economic situation.

Touching on sectors that Mutharika tackled, Chakwera said Malawians continue suffering in several ways yet government is failing to articulate ways of ending anomalies facing the nation.

“Its said that government paints a picture that the economy is improving although there is nothing like that on the ground,”said Chakwera.

He added that Malawians continue to wait for evidence of such claims.

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