Sugar scarcity in Malawi

Sugar scarcity in Malawi

Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism has said Illovo sugar limited will flood the market with sugar within a period of week.

The Ministry has made the remarks after observing with concern scarcity of sugar in the cities of Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mxuxu, Xomba and several other places in the country.

Principal Secretary Charles Chiunda says markets will be flooded with sugar because Illovo Sugar Limited has resumed its production after the annual shut down.

“The Ministry held discussions on the matter with Illovo Sugar limited which is a major sugar producer in Malawi on 2nd May,” said Chiunda

He adds the Ministry has agreed with Illovo Sugar limited that should the situation not improve within the stipulated 7 days government will take appropriate measures to ensure that sugar is available in the country.

“Accordingly the ministry will take punitive measures against anyone hording sugar or offering prices higher than the recommended ones in accordance with laws of Malawi,” added the principal secretary

It has therefore requested Malawians to inform the ministry about any business malpractices regarding the matter.

A snap survey done by Radio Islam has established that many outlets 1 kilogram of sugar is going at K1000 a packet.

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