Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has called on all Muslims in the country to offer special prayers on good and productive rains in this week’s Jumuah prayers.

The call comes while the country is continuing experiencing hot and dry weather conditions despite approaching the rainy season.

In his special address to Muslim community, MAM National Chairman, Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad, said is time for all Muslims to turn to Allah and seek for forgiveness.

Sheikh Muhammad said in hard times like this, Islam encourages its followers to offer special prayers so that they should be blessed with good rains.

The MAM chairman said it is of this background that he asked the Muslims to extensively engage in many prayers including supplications, fasting and remembering Allah in all times.

“The country depends upon rain fed agriculture therefore it is imperative to turn to Allah for his forgiveness and blessings,” Sheikh Muhammad

According to the statement on weekly weather forecasts released by Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services, the country will continue experiencing dry spell.