Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has condemned an article that appeared in the Malawi News of 19 January, 2019 which implicated Malawi Yao Muslims in the Kenya terror.

A press statement made available to Radio Islam, signed by MAM Secretary General Alhaji Twaibu Lawe says it is very unfortunate that despite that MAM advised the paper that it was investigating the authenticity of the contents of a program aired on SABC TV in South Africa, the paper went ahead to publicize the unsubstantial story.

Alhaji Lawe has strongly condemned the paper for irresponsible journalism it has displayed which has in one way dented image of Islam in the country.

“MAM therefore is demanding an apology and immediate retraction of the story,” said Alhaj Lawe

The Islamic mother body in Malawi has also commended government, some NGOs and individuals for categorically condemning the paper for publicizing unverified story which it says was based on someone’s opinion.

MAM has assured the nation that Malawian Muslims are peace loving people and it is wrong to associate them with terrorism of any kind.

Meanwhile, Forum for Justice and Peace (FJP) has described the development as lack of patriotism as the story will have bad implications to ordinary Malawians.

FJP Executive Director Sheikh Alli Makalani said “the issue is also bordering on the integrity of Malawi as a nation and putting such baseless connotations on its front page leaves a lot to be desired.”

Sheikh Makalani also said love is paramount in Islamic faith therefore to attack or kill a fellow human being is not in line with Islamic principles.