The Muslim Association of Malawi MAM has expressed disappointment over escalating tensions between Muslims and Anglicans at Mmanga School in Balaka district.

Speaking to Radio Islam, MAM spokesperson Sheikh Dinala Chabulika, expressed the concern following running battles early this morning between followers of the two denominations over hijab disagreements at Mmanga School.

According to reports, violence broke out after some Anglicans destroyed and looted property at Mangochi turn off Masjid.

In the violence, people from the two denominations have been assaulted, houses and other properties have also been looted.

Disagreements started a month ago after the Anglican church refused to let Muslim girl learners from wearing hijab at M’manga primary and secondary school which led to closure of the schools.

Speaking to Radio Islam, Sheikh Chabulika said it’s sad that tensions over the hijab issue are escalating leading to violence.

Sheikh Chabulika said, for years, Muslims and people of other denominations have co existed peacefully adding this issue needs to be resolved amicably for the benefit of both sides.