Malawi Electoral Commission MEC has asked IT experts and director of elections in various political parties to dispel myths that are circulating about elections.

Speaking during the opening of workshop for IT experts in Lilongwe MEC commissioner Jean Mathanga said there are so many myths and rumours.

Mathanga said the commission is facing challenges in fighting them as political leaders are behind such allegations.

She said MEC expects the IT officers to be advisors of political leaders so that they make statements from an informed perspective.

The Commissioner urged the officers to be vigilant and attentive.

She assured the entire nation that MEC has adequate measures in place to ensure that there is no rigging.

Mathanga said electoral results shall reflect the will of the people as expressed through ballot choices.

In his remarks, UNDP chief technical advisor on elections Richard Coax said the training is very essential because it will help to make sure that all political parties have strong understanding on results transmission.

Coax said this will also help to reduce the tension on elections rigging that is circulating out there.