MEC bemoans abscence of party monitors in voter registration

United Democratic Front UDF says has not deployed permanent monitors to voter registration centres due to financial constraints.

UDF Secretary General Kandi Padambo has said this to radio Islam after chairperson of Malawi electoral commission expressed concern on Saturday over absence of monitors of political parties in the centres.

Padambo said UDF is conducting random monitoring of the registration process in some centers.

He said the party is satisfied with the voter registration processes which are underway in the fourth phase.

“Currently the party is focusing on mobilizing the general public to go and register for them to vote in tripartite elections next year,” Padambo said

But Publicity Secretary for peoples Party PP Noah Chimpeni said there is no need to deploy party monitors for the registration exercise because the registration process is not a critical one.

In his remarks political analyst Enerst Thindwa said much as parties are aware of electoral laws, financial independence is preventing the other parties from engaging monitors.

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