Pilgrims at Mount Arafat to mark most important day of Hajj

Around two million pilgrims have ascended the plains of Mount Arafat shortly after sunrise on Monday to perform the most important ritual in Hajj.
Standing on Mount Arafat until the sunset on the 9th day of Dul Hijjah is the one of the most important rituals of the Hajj pilrimage.
Pilgrims converge on the hill, dedicated to prayers and reflection, where Dhuhr and Asr prayers are prayed together.
Chanting “Labbayk Allahumma Labbayk” (Here I am O Lord, answering your call), pilgrims sought blessings and mercy from God Almighty.
The Day of Arafat is when one’s sins can be forgiven. It is narrated that Prophet Muhammad said the day: “Expiates the sins of the previous year and that of the following year.”
It is also narrated that Prophet Muhammad said: “There is no day on which Allah frees people from the Fire more so than on the Day of Arafat,” in reference to the fires of Hell.
Muslims who are not performing Hajj observe the day by fasting from dusk till dawn.
Saudi authorities announced their optimum preparations for Hajj this year to ensure safety and create comfortable conditions for pilgrims to perform rituals.
After standing on Arafat, pilgrims head to the site of Muzdalifa to spend the night, as per Hajj obligations.
Muzadlifda is the area for performing Jamarat, the symbolic stoning of the devil.

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