Mehboob Memorial centre has trained sheikhs and sheikhats on new syllabus and how to conduct their duties

Speaking during the closure of the five day training director of the centre Maulan Riyaz Ahmad said sheikhs and sheikhats have huge responsibilities in their work places.

Maulana Ahmad who is also director of Al-Mahommed Hassan Trust said “they should work hard and be exemplary to the communities by having good manners and doing right things.”

He encouraged them to focus on teaching learners the Quran and the new syllabus.

In his remarks chief inspector of the sheikhs and Sheikhats Sheikh Ibrahim Kacheya urged them to equip learners with different skills which they have learnt during the training.

“The new syllabus will guide them to teach effectively therefore should take it seriously,” Kacheya said

One of the trainees Sheikhat Khadija Pindani said was very grateful to Mehboob Memorial Centre for the training which has boosted her teaching skills.

Pindani has encouraged female Muslims to work hard in madrassa in order to have many sheikhats.