Social and political analyst has described recent government fuel reduction as a mockery and insignificant to Malawians economic challenges.

Social and development analyst George Phiri was reacting to Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority MERA’s announcement of the reduction of petrol fuel from 1999.00 per litter to 1946.00 which is only a 53 kwacha decrease.

Phiri told radio Islam that the reduction has no impact to high cost of living which has come from the rise of fuel prices in Malawi.

“The current government has failed to change social economic status of Malawians,” Phiri

Phiri also blamed the current mess on lack of opposition front that was supposed to check and balance tonse administration.

Meanwhile, political analyst Serif Kaisi has advised government to always seek views from Malawians before implementing some policies.

Kaisi agreed with phiri that the current reduction of petrol prices which MERA announced has no positive impact on prices of goods on the market.