Mubarak Complex College to introduce special Arabic lessons

Mubarak complex college says is planning to introduce special Arabic lessons in its women madrassa sector in order to boost women understanding of Islam.

This was expressed by the college coordinator sheikh Muhammad Alfaddin during a women madrassa closing ceremony at the institution.

Sheikh Alfaadini said the institution is encouraged to see women acquiring Islamic knowledge hence a plan to introduce special Arabic lessons.

“There is a great need to educate women considering their responsibility in the society,” Sheikh Alfaadini said.

Concurring with sheikh Alfaadini a teacher Marriam Huseein said women madrassa is very crucial since a learned woman always encourages her children to learn about Islam.

Hussein said “a woman is the one who is always close to children therefore when she is very conversant with principles of Islam they are raised up in an Islamic environment.”

She then called upon women to put the knowledge they acquire into use.

On her part one of the students Mariam Saidi said through the madrassa she is now able to practice Islam with knowledge.

“I have learnt a lot about Islam since I joined the madrassa in January this year,” said Saidi

Women at the madrassa learn various subjects such as Quran, Tawheed and Haddith.

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