Former Malawi president warns politicians against destroying Malawi

Former Malawi president Dr Bakili Muluzi has pleaded with people in the country not to destroy Malawi because of politics.

Muluzi made the appeal during the official opening of United Democratic Front UDF convention at COMESA hall in Blantyre.

He said Malawi cannot develop if people are insulting each other daily.

“Politicians come and go but the country remains therefore do not destroy it,” stressed Muluzi

The former president said democracy without responsibility is useless therefore the need to respect each other.

He said it is not acceptable to say the president is Ntchona.

Muluzi then urged the winners to be royal to UDF party.

Theme of UDF convention is a new beginning.

Some of the prominent people at the convention are US ambassador to Malawi Virginia Palmer, Kondwani Nankhumwa vice president of Malawi’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party DPP in the southern region who is also Minister of Local Government and Rural Development.

Speaking to Radio Islam Nankhumwa said was satisfied with UDF convention.

One of the political analysts present Humphreys Mvula said UDF is still powerful because there were many people at the convention.

Dr Bakili Muluzi and UDF party brought multiparty democracy in Malawi.

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