Muslim Association of Malawi MAM has rejected the abolition of death penalty in the country

This was stressed during a meeting in Blantyre which was organized by the parliamentary committee on legal affairs to solicit views on the need to abolish the death penalty.

Representative for the Muslim Association of Malawi MAM during the meeting, Sheikh Sharif Kaisi said the death penalty is not only just a constitutional law but rather a law from God.

He added that humans are not allowed to change laws which were ordained by God hence MAM will continue to support the law.

Kaisi has also condemned other religious leaders for going against Gods supreme commands.

Legal Affairs Committee also held similar meeting in Lilongwe where assistant commissioner of police Mangani said the soliciting of views on death penalty abolition should go to people

Mangani asked the committee to go to all areas across the country ask people and hear their ideas

“These consultations should also be held in villages. You should not only rely on views of representatives of government departments and officials in Lilongwe. Police is facing mob justice every time we arrest murder suspects as communities torch police units in order to deal with the suspects. There is alot behind this. So even if people choose referendum that should be respected,” Mangani emphasised

He said police will only enforce what people and parliament have agreed