Muslim youths cheer Juveniles

Muslim Youth United has advised young offenders in the country to take the situation they are in as a turning point to change their behavior.

The advice was made when Muslim Youth United members in conjunction with National Muslim prisons Board visited Bvumbwe Young Offenders Rehabilitation Centre in Thyolo district.

Speaking after the visit, Chairperson for Muslim Youth United, Muhammad Elfatih Hubedden Abubakar, said the visit was meant to cheer and appreciate the challenges the juveniles are going through.

“To error is human therefore they decided to visit their follow youth and encourage them that there is still life after their sentences,” Hubedden Abubakar said.

He also said as Muslims they aim at assisting the less privileged that is why they have distributed clothes which will keep the inmates warm especially in the winter season.

In his remarks, National Muslim Prisons Board Coordinator, Sammy Kachepa, said the visit is a clear indication that the community loves and cares for young offenders.

“Muslim inmates are facing numerous challenges and my organization is trying to address them,” said Kachepa

During the visit, Muslim inmates also displayed some of the activities they learn at the madrassah such as Quran recitation, Hadith, Fiqih and Sirah.

Bvumbwe Young Offenders Rehabilitation Centre is currently keeping 250 young offenders between the age of 18 to 21 years and 60 of them are Muslims.

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