Muslims appeal to sheikhs to intensify dawa activities

Muslims have called upon sheikhs in the country to intensify dawa activities in order to strengthen their faith.

Mlumbe Muslim committee made the call at a dawa gathering organized by Ibnu Abbas at Mlumbe masjid in the area.

Sheikh Yusuf Anubi who represented the committee’s chairperson said dawa activities are vital as people get reminded on the greatness of ALLAH as well as Islamic principles.

“Low turn out of Muslims during dawa activities which has been experienced in the area is because sheikhs are not organizing regular activities of that nature,” Sheikh Anubi said.

Sheikh Anubi said as a committee they are going to organize meetings with sheikhs in order to discuss how they can deal with the problem.

On his part chairperson of Ibnu Abbas Dawa group sheikh Sulaimana Wasili encouraged fellow dawa groups not to solely target urban areas but also reach out to remote areas with Islamic messages.

Sheikh Wasili said “remote areas are always ignored and yet in urban areas there are always many sheikhs who conduct dawa activities.”

Ibnu Abas Dawa group organized the gathering in order to remind Muslims the need to continue good work they have been carrying out in the holy month of Ramadhan.

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