President Mutharika rejects to appoint leaders in DPP positions.

President Professor Peter Mutharika has rejected to appoint leaders in some positions of the ruling party in Malawi Democratic progressive party DPP.

Mutharika refused during the closure of DPP convention at COMESA hall in Blantyre.

The president ordered that DPP central committee should conduct elections of the remaining positions in the party.

Mutharika said DPP primaries will be held soon.

“I call for transparency when choosing aspiring councilors and MPs in DPP primaries just as the convention has been,” called Mutharika

The president appealed for love, unity, work and looking forward.

Mutharika said he took the position not because of money since he receives 1.5 million kwacha from the 2.7 million kwacha monthly salary.

Last night DPP delegates elected Uladi Mussa and Kondwani Nankhumwa as vice presidents of the party in central and eastern regions respectively.

Secretary general Grezeider Geffrey retained her position and Nicholus Dausi elected publicity secretary.

Former Minister of Agriculture Dr George Chaponda who was DPP vice president in southern region withdraw the contest at the eleventh hour.

Mutharika was re-elected unopposed just as vice presidents Goodall Gondwe and Bright Msaka for Northern and eastern regions.

DPP has held its convention after the main opposition Malawi Congress party and Alliance for Democracy AFORD.

The former ruling party United Democratic Front UDF will hold its convention on 1 August 2018.

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