Muslims conduct elections

Electoral Commission for Muslim Association of Malawi MAM has expressed gratitude to voters for upholding peace and calm during Tuesday’s regional elections.

This was said during the official announcement of regional committee election results at MAM Head office in Blantyre.

Speaking at a press conference, Chairperson for the commission, Alhaji Taibu Lawe, said the elections were free and fair as both the winners and losers accepted the outcome.

“Let me ask Muslims in the country to take challenges emanated from the exercise as a learning process,” asked Alhaj Lawe.

In his remarks newly elected chairman for southern region, Abdulhakim Ganda, commended Muslims for entrusting him with the position.

“All Muslims in the region must work together for it to realize developments,” said Ganda.

Abdulhakim Ganda newly elected Chairman for Muslim Association of Malawi for the southern region speaking to Chekaukutu Ndege.

New secretary for the south, Sharif Kaisi, said as a region will sit down to come up with a strategic plan which translates the vision and mission of MAM.

“Our committee will make sure that Muslims in the region are united,” Kaisi said

MAM has conducted regional elections where Muslims were free to usher in new office bearers.

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