Muslims in Malawi Urged to Utilize Message from Dawa Groups

Village headman Chilunga in Zomba has urged Muslims in his area to utilize the message they receive from different dawa groups for them to survive in the hereafter.

The chief said this on Sunday 20 May, 2018 during dawa held at Madina masjid in his area organized by Muzdalifa dawa group.

Village head Chilunga said Muslims should demonstrate that they understand the messages they get.

“Allah will reward those who put the message into use and it is because of this that they have to utilize the knowledge,” chief Chilunga said.

However, he expressed concern over the tendency of some Muslims who do not show up during Islamic gatherings.

The village head said “during such gatherings they learn more about Islam hence a need to patronize them.”

On his part leader of Muzdalifa dawa group sheikh Ibrahim Matias said they organized the dawa in order to remind one another on what to do in this holy month of Ramadhan.

“I call upon other dawa groups to continue the good work they are doing of propagating the message of Islam,” said sheikh Matias

During the dawa two people reverted to Islam.

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