National Holy Quran Competition has awarded two sheikhs the certificates of Excellency for correct Quran recitation.
The certificates have been presented during a Quranic Ijaza jalsah aimed at teaching people accurate recitation of the Holy Book as recited by Prophet Muhammad.
Speaking at the function, Guest of honor Muslim Association of Malawi Chairperson Sheikh Idrisa Muhamad said the ceremony is the first ever to take place in Malawi let alone the whole southern Africa.
“This Quranic Ijazah jalsah symbolizes that Religion of Islam is developing in Malawi,” Sheikh Muhammad said.
The MAM chair further advised the two awardees Hajj Abdullah and Umar Unusu to continue reading the Quran and teaching others.
He promised that MAM will give scholarship to Hajj Abdullah who is pursuing his tertiary education at Chancellor College in Zomba.
In his remarks, Hajj Abdullah expressed his happiness for being one of the best people in reciting the Holy Book correctly in the world.
He encouraged the Muslim youth to dedicate their lives in learning the Quran.
Bilal Trust and Muslim Association of Malawi have currently offered an opportunity to go to Hajj the two awardees this year.