NGO’s tell govt to eradicate challenges children face

NGO Coalition on Child Rights (NGO CCR) has called upon government to address various hardships which children are going through.

It has said this as Malawi has joined the rest of Africa in celebrating day of the African child.

In its statement released today NGO CCR said children are still affected by myriads of problems which require government’s urgent attention.

Signed by chairperson of the executive committee Desmond Mhango and National Coordinator Louisa Kwapata the statement says constitution of the republic of Malawi of 1995 is a stumbling block as it inhibits application of other pieces of legislation of promoting and protecting rights as well as freedoms of children.

The statement also cites non-implementation of the social protection as another major challenge children are facing.

“The social cash transfer programme, farm input subsidy programme, public works programme, the fading school feeding programme, MASAF programmes and constituency development fund are not benefiting the children,” the statement clarifies.

Malawi Economic Justice Network, Civil Society Education Coalition, Youth Consultative Forum and Human Rights Consultative Committee have also urged president to fulfill the ten commitments he signed with children prior to 2014 tripartite elections and local leaders as well as duty bearers to stop abusing children.

“In addition we ask government to get rid of killings of children with albinism, rampant child marriages and clear contradictions in the laws of protecting children,” says the coalition.

Apart from government, NGO CCR has reminded Members of parliament that they have a moral obligation to ensure adequate resource allocation towards all programmes targeting children.

Since the family is the first point of call for children the coalition asks it to lead in facilitating creation of a conducive environment for children from home and outside.

Finally children as right holders have been asked to note their responsibility over enjoyment of the rights.

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