Speaker of parliament Catherine Gotani Hara has said the legislature will make sure that the orders the constitutional court gave it during its ruling on elections case are done within the 21 days.

Hara has said this during a press briefing at parliament building in Lilongwe after the court ordered parliament to take appropriate measures to ensure that whoever is elected president during the fresh elections is allowed to serve the constitutionally five year term and make appropriate provisions for the holding of presidential run-off among others.

According to Hara parliament will start deliberating the orders pertaining to fresh election on Monday next week when the national assembly begins its meeting.

“Public appointments committee of parliament starts meeting today to look into the appointment authority of MEC,” adds Hara

The speaker further said parliament will  be meeting weekends to meet a 21 day period.

Hara also says the 50 plus 1 system already exists in Malawi constitution and parliamentarians will just correct some gaps.