People of Chilomoni form taskforce

People of Chilomoni form taskforce

People living around Chilomoni Township in Blantyre have formed a taskforce dubbed Chilomoni Police Station Rehabilitation Task Force with an aim to mobilise resources for rehabilitation of Chilomoni Police.

In the morning of June, 21 some irate Chilomoni residents set ablaze Chilomoni police station following the brutal murder of one of them after the residents suspected police to have had a hand in the killing.

The newly formed taskforce chairperson Chifundo Lingao said they are planning to raise about K16 million that will be used for rehabilitation of the police unit.

Lingao said Chilomoni Police Station rehabilitation taskforce was formed to ensure that the police and the community work together in bringing the station back into operation as early as possible.

He further said all people living in Chilomoni are being asked to voluntarily contribute anything.

“PG Glass Company has already shown interest to provide glasses that will be used for rehabilitation of the police station while TM Partnership and WTM Associates voluntarily provided quantity surveying service as well as structural engineering service respectively,” revealed Lingao.

Blantyre Police Assistant Publicist, constable Andrew Mayawo said the initiative by Chilomoni residents is good and needs to be commended.

“It is good to see that the residents have done the initiative themselves without being pushed by anyone after noticing the importance of security,” Mayawo said.

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