President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has said is hopeful that 2021 will bring socio economic development to both individuals and the nation

In his New Year message Chakwera said the year 2020 has left the nation vulnerable because of Covid 19 Pandemic which has killed 188 people and affected economies

The president said in the year 2020 there were multiple serious crises which found the country in groups of helpless surrender, making unhelpful complaints and responding to problems by isolated activism.

Chakwera said focused collective action can help to win the war against the pandemic and advance agenda of governance as well as economic transformation

He said covid-19 has resulted into many industries shutting down therefore a lot of people losing jobs and income generating activities.

“The nation must get rid of the mindset of helpless surrender which fuels many people to believe that their challenges cannot be addressed without a handout from government or donors,” Chakwera

He condemned the tendency of making unhelpful complaints which forces people to point fingers at everything instead of finding solutions.

Chakwera encouraged embracing fully Tonse philosophy of working together in order to have better fortunes in 2021

He said executing agenda 2030 and moving towards agenda 2063 with discipline will make Malawi the country of decade

The president condemned foreign observers for attempting to influence the elections case in January last year.

He highlighted some of his achievements such as clearing the rubble of incompetent and corrupt officials, prevention and treatment of covid 19, launching affordable inputs program, fully funding ant corruption bureau and removing income tax for everyone earning less than 100000 per month.

Meanwhile, the president has pardoned 787 prisoners who behaved well and were serving sentences of minor offenses.