Pulumutsani Quran house initiative pleads with Muslims to honor their pledges.

Pulumutsani Quran house initiative coordinator has appealed to Muslims who pledged to contribute towards the initiative to honor their pledges.

Speaking in an interview with Radio Islam, Sheikh Ummar Nkacherenga said 72 million kwacha remains to pay Dan Kamwaza an architecture who was hired to design the Quran house in Blantyre.

Sheikh Nkachelenga said they have so far paid 48 million kwacha.

“There is need for collaborative efforts among Muslims in the country for the initiative to be successful,” said sheikh Mkachelenga

He expressed optimism that the initiative will be a success looking at how much the Muslim community has contributed towards the course in its first phase.

“We had thought of categorizing the money collection exercise into phases because this would help to easily reach out to Muslims,” he said.

Therefore Sheikh Nkacherenga has appealed to all Muslims in the country to contribute generously towards Pulumutsani Quran House Initiative.

Initially Muslim Association of Malawi was supposed to pay 118 million kwacha but a recent court order indicates that the money has increased to 137 million kwacha.

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