An autopsy report released by pathologist Dr Charles Dzamalala has shown that Buleya Lule the murder suspect in the abduction of a boy with albinism in Dedza, died of electrocution and blood loss.

Lule, key suspect in the case died on 21st February this year whilst in police custody in Lilongwe.

In the report Dr Dzamalala said the body had many injuries of different types ranging from bruises to scratches as well as burn wounds to electric wounds.

Dr Dzamalala said he took special interest in the wound on the stomach, which was a suspected electric burn wound, the one at the back of the head, which was inflicted by blunt object, and the buttocks which had the skin peeled off, the largest wound of them all.

The report further says most of the internal organs were normal.

In the report, Dr Dzamalala has also ruled out poisoning or natural causes of death as there is no such evidence in sample extracts.

He says some of the weapons used in the assault include hot iron placed on cloth and a cylindrical object.
The autopsy was sanctioned by Malawi Human Rights Commission.