Balaka police arrests the gang

Police at Balaka have arrested 14 members of a gang calling themselves Ziwanda crew.

The suspects who are aged between 13 and 17 were arrested after they indecently assaulted a 17 year old girl at Majiga location in the district.

According to the victim, a gang of over 20 pounced on her, and started beating her while others were touching her private parts.

According to Balaka police publicist sergeant Joseph Sauka the girl managed to free after crying for help and wounded one of the gang members.

“After the incident Police managed to arrest one suspect who upon interview confessed that he is a member of gang calling themselves Ziwanda crew a development that forced the Police to launch a man hunt and managed to arrest the other members,” explains Sauka.

Ziwanda crew which was based at Mangerengere location is a gang of over 20 members of which 6 are girls and most of them are at Primary School but only a few in Secondary School.

“The gang convenes day and night in uncompleted house where they smoke Indian hemp, drink beer and do all sorts of nasty things; and from there they go to the streets at night where they beat up everyone they come across and causing public nuisance by shouting obscene words in the streets” adds Bakala police publicist.

Sauka said police is still hunting for the gang leader who is only known as Rasta Zibaba and the other members who have freed the area.

He said all the suspects will appear before court upon completion of investigations where they will answer a case of Indecent Assault which is contrary to section 137 sub sections 1 of the Penal code basing on the probation report from Social Welfare Office.

“Police is appealing to parents and guardians to monitor their children because most of these arrested are school going children and were leaving their homes as if they were going to school but never showed up according to reports from their respective schools” concluded Sauka.

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