Cape Town airport faces land claim

Cape Town airport faces land claim

Cape Town – It’s been 20 years since the Braaf family first submitted their claim to a portion of the Cape Town International Airport land. Some family members now strongly believe that they have been “cheated”.

Adam Braaf, 74, and the oldest surviving member of the family, said his family was forcibly removed from the land where the airport now stands by the apartheid government, GroundUp reported.

“We were resettled in Elsie’s River. The space we are occupying [now] compared to what my parents used to have is very small. They used to breed cattle and other animals at the airport area, but now we cannot do that.”

In March, about 40 Braaf family members picketed along Borcherds Quarry Road over the land claim lodged in the 1990s. They say only a few relatives were compensated for the claim.

In documents seen by GroundUp, the Western Cape Land Claims Commission appears to have muddled through the claim, unsure of its validity.

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