High court has ruled that Dr Cassim Chilumpha must not contest under Tikonze people’s movement TPM on the 21st May elections.

Registrar of High court Agness Patemba has confirmed the development to radio Islam.

Patemba said Chilumpha was not sponsored by Tikonze People’s Movement but represented himself as so sponsored.

She said this means that Chilumpha can decide whether or not to contest on an independent ticket.

Some members of Tikonze Peoples Movement sued Dr Chilumpha to court

Six opposition political parties such as Assembly of Democracy and Development and Peoples Progressive Movement formed Tikonze Peoples Movement.

However, disagreement arose when the issue of alliance with UTM party came into light as some supported while others denied.

Meanwhile, Tikonze Peoples Movement TPM has said will appeal the High court’s ban of Dr. Cassim Chilumpha to represent the party in presidential elections.

National Executive Publicity Secretary of TPM Gambatula James said they are surprised with the ruling because Malawi Electoral Commission accepted Dr. Chilumpha’s nomination papers and there were no irregularities.

James therefore has urged all supporters of TPM not to lose hope as Dr Chilumpha will stand as the party’s presidential candidate.

Commenting, political analyst said the ruling will help other politicians to abide by the laws and consult before making any decision.

Enerst Thindwa said if Chilumpha had consulted this would not happen hence advising politicians to follow electoral laws.