Court discontinues Muluzi corruption case

Court discontinues Muluzi corruption case

High Court of Malawi sitting in Blantyre has discontinued the 1.7 billion kwacha corruption case which former President Bakili Muluzi has been answering for 14 years.

The decision to discontinue the matter follows the issuance of a certificate of discontinuation from Director of Public Prosecutions Masauko Chamkakala.

Reacting on the judgment legal expert Osman Kennedy has warned politicians to desist from political prosecutions to avoid waste of government resources in the name of fighting corruption

Kennedy says Malawians have lost a lot of money and resources towards prosecuting a case which had no future of winning due to decisions by some political leaders who bent on gaining political mirage on Muluzi’s case.

“As the nation this portrays bad image and shows that the country has no commitment towards fighting corruption,” Kennedy

Meanwhile, political analyst sheriff Kaisi has called on Anti-Corruption Bureau to draw a lesson from Muluzi’s case in that prosecution of corruption cases must be based on solid evidence.

He also urged the judiciary to speed up cases in courts so that justice should be served in time.


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