Faith Leaders Bemoan the Use of Religion for Political Gains

Religious leaders in Mangochi have bemoaned the tendency of some political leaders of using religion as a tool to win their political gains.

Briefing the media in Mangochi Chairman for Interfaith Bishop Peter Likagwa said such act must stop as it incites violence.

Likagwa said “religion and politics should run independently for the country to conduct violent free campaign in polls.”

Speaking at the same press briefing Sheikh Fahad Kamsuli Vice chairman for Muslim Association of Malawi in Mangochi concurred with Bishop Likagwa that party leaders should not use religion to gain their political agenda.

“Every person has the right to vote for any leader in the multiparty democracy regardless of religious affiliation,” Kamsuli said

He also said religious leaders are there to give advice for smooth running of the country.

Some of the participants at the press briefing were Sheikh Abdullah Kaposa of QMAM and group village headman Mpira.

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