Malawi launches climate change management policy

Government has been asked to invest more resources in causes of climate change than effects.

The appeal has been made during the launch of national climate change management policy and national biodiversity strategy and action plan 2.

According to some of the participants nothing will change if more money is invested on researching effects of climate change.

“The general public must take full responsibility in as far as curbing effects of climate change is concerned,” the participants said.

They said there is also need to increase awareness to the public on the causes and effects of climate change.

In his remarks senior chief Chiwalo who was the panelists urged Malawians to conserve the environment.

Speaking at the same function UN representative Catherine Roll asked for more efforts to overcome climate change.

She said there is need to increase funding to climate change resilience projects.

in his remarks Minister of natural resources, energy and mining Bright Environment

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