Muslim Association of Malawi MAM, Episcopal Conference of Malawi ECM and Qadria Muslim Association of Malawi QMAM have discussed pertinent issues aimed at promoting relations between Muslims and Christians in the country in the light of the recent disturbing trends.

Spokesperson of MAM sheikh Dinala Chabulika has confirmed holding the dialogue on Friday 8th February, 2019.

Speaking to Radio Islam Sheikh Chabulika said they discussed various issues that centred on misunderstandings that erupted in Mangochi concerning the administration of primary schools in a multi religious environment, jointly explore the preservation and promotion of religious practices in government assisted schools and use of social media to incite hatred and intolerance of every form.

He said during the meeting the three organisations formed a permanent standing committee to monitor and assist with the relationship between Muslims and Christians.

Therefore sheikh Chabulika has asked people in the country to follow right procedures when they have religious misunderstandings.

In a press release MAM, ECM and QMAM affirm that Muslims and Christians have lived side-by-side peacefully for over a century and they continue to do so in the country for which they are all grateful.

They have condemned entirely the abuse of social media to promote and incite hatred and intolerance in particular the recent songs and threats circulating.

The religious bodies have said will continue to provide quality education in government assisted schools while inculcating religious values and promote discipline and ethical standards and being sensitive to the differences of religions pursuit.