Muslim professionals agree to have Islamic University & hospitals in Malawi.

Muslim professionals from all regions in the country have agreed to establish Islamic University and health facilities across the country by the end of five years.

They made the agreement during a brainstorming meeting organized by Islamic Development Movement IDM in Blantyre.

One of them Ibrahim Milanzi who is the former Malawi ambassador to Libya said it is very pathetic that Muslims do not have their Islamic university and other important facilities despite having more resources and opportunities in the country.

“Time has come for Muslims in the country to change their mindset and stand together in order to achieve Islamic developments,” Milanzi said

Milanzi also said Muslim leaders should be transparent for Islamic development to prosper.

Speaking during the meeting interim chairperson of IDM Yousuf Nthenda said goal of the organisation is to initiate and implement a project based on the needs of Malawian Muslims.

Nthenda said IDM has embarked on this project after realizing the big gap and challenges that Muslim community is experiencing.

“The movement seeks to promote unity for Muslims to have Islamic universities and health facilities,” Nthenda said.

Secretary General of Muslim Association in the southern region Sherrif Kaisi emphasized the need for Muslims to be active for Islamic development to prosper.

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