Muslim Women Advised to avoid Gossiping

Muslim women in the country have been advised to desist from gossiping and promote harmony.

Former chairperson for Majlis Ulama council of Malawi Mangochi chapter Sheikh Saidi Maunde made the advice during a Jalasa in the district organized by Al-Halaqa Women Madrasa from Lilongwe.

Sheikh Maunde said when Muslim women from different organisations come together it helps to strength their faith and love, hence developing Islam.

“Through such gatherings women should be reminded to observe good behavior as they have a big role to play in promoting the deen,” Sheikh Maunde said.

In her remarks director of Al-Halaqa Women Madrassa Sheenaz Kamwana said the jalasa was held under the theme “unity among Muslim women in promoting Islamic activities.”

“Lack of unity and love among Muslims derails Islamic development in the country,” Kamwana said.

She further said bringing together women from different districts and organizations is vital as they share experiences and ideas to promote Islam.

Kamwana also said they introduced Al-Halaqa Women Madrassa after realizing the importance of Islamic studies for women and Islam.

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