Muslims Around Nasawa Technical College Appeal for Masjid

Muslim communities surrounding Nansawa technical college in Zomba have appealed to Islamic organizations to consider constructing a masjid in the area.

The call was jointly made by Sheikh Latifu Yahaya of Mpawa village in the area and Nansawa Technical college Muslim Students Association Chairperson, Brother Bande Mussah.

According to sheikh Yahaya, Muslims in the area pray in a grass made masjid and the situation becomes worse during the rainy season, to the extent that Friday congregation is sometimes not held.

“We have been trying to approach Islamic organizations, requesting them to construct a masjid in the area, but no tangible response up to now,” lamented sheikh Yahaya

He said no organisation is running madrassa in the area, making many children unable to access Islamic knowledge.

On his part, chairperson of Nansawa Technical College Muslim students association, Bande Mussa, said it is worrisome to see Muslims using a grass made masjid when there are many organizations running masjid construction projects in the country.

“As students we thought of being part of the community on the matter because we also use the masjid,” Mussa said.

Currently, communities in the area, have readily available bricks, sand and a site where the masjd can be constructed.

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