Muslims hold first female Quran Competition in Malawi

Muslims in Malawi have held the first ever female Quran Competition.

Speaking at Maryam girls teacher training college in Mangochi during the presentation ceremony of prizes to girls and women who performed well in the competition chairman of the organising committee sheikh Abdallah Balah said over 200 Muslims participated in the contest.

Sheikh Balah said they decided to hold the female Quran competition after research had found that many Muslims who attend madrassa are females but many contestants of the national holy Quran competition are males.

“The pilot phase of the competition has been held in the eastern region because there are many Islamic schools,” said sheikh Balah

Guest of honour Aisha Mambo Adams Member of Parliament for Mangochi Mkungulu said female Quran competition will go a long way in uplifting Islam in Malawi.

Adams commended national holy Quran competition for organising the competition.

“This is a very welcome development in Islam therefore I appeal to the organisers to continue organising female Quran competition,” Adams said.

In her remarks national coordinator of Muslim Women Organization Asiyatu Lipenga described female Quran competition as a strong foundation for development of Islam in Malawi.

Lipenga said “the initiative will provide a wide platform for women to learn and understand Islam.”

Commenting on the matter, Publicity Secretary for Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM), Sheikh Dinala Chabulika, commended the organizers for categorizing the competition into males and females.

“Through female Quran competition women will be motivated to learn more about Islam,” Sheikh Chabulika said.

He promised that MAM will support the programs aimed at uplifting Islam in the country.

The competition was organized with financial support from Radio Islam.

During the event participants watched the video about the history of national holy Quran competition in Malawi which begun in 2002.

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