Muslims in Salima establish Islamic Information centre

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has held Muslims in Salima district for initiating programs aimed at defending and promoting Islam.

National Chairman for MAM Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad made the recommendations when he officially opened Salima Islamic Information Centre.

Sheikh Muhammad said Islam cannot grow if Muslims are lacking relevant information regarding Islam.

“Muslims in Salima have set a good example for establishing a community based centre which will in one way provide a platform for Muslims to learn more of their religion,” Sheikh Muhammad said.

The National Chairman also said with the coming in of Shias there is need to establish information centres in all districts so that people understand and practice Islam with better knowledge.

“Muslims must emulate the good gesture and reorganize themselves to ensure that enemies of Islam have no room in their areas,” said Sheikh Muhammad.

In his remarks, Centre Coordinator, Sheikh Ismael Allan, said the centre will be accommodating all people regardless of their religion.

MAM district Chairman for Salima, Sheikh Ibrahim White, assured Muslims that his office will make sure that the programs at the centre are sustainable.

Sheikh White also appealed for more material and financial support to the centre.

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