Mysterious disease attacks school girls in Malawi

A mysterious disease is attacking school girls in Kwitunji village TA Katuli in Mangochi district.

Speaking in an interview with radio Islam, some of the sources said the number of girls collapsing per day has risen to 7 from 3.

They said since the disease started almost 200 girls have been affected.

“We suspect that some teachers who were transferred to Mchokola primary school from Kwisimba primary school where the same problem was happening are causing the disease,” they said.

One of the sources added that authorities in the area are aware of the matter.

One of the parents Theba Waiti said two of his daughters have been affected but the doctors have diagnosed nothing.

Concurring with him one of the concerned citizens Osman Thauxeni said the girls are referred to Katuli health centre where they are tested for various diseases.

Two reliable inside sources at Katuli health centre who opted for anonymity admitted to have received the cases saying some of the girls have been referred to Mangochi district hospital for further tests.

“Officials at this hospital have been informed of the issue,” they said.

In an interview in charge of Katuli health centre said he had heard that such cases are happening in the village but denied that the facility received any case.

Similar disease also hit the area of TA Ngokwe in Machinga district last year where over 20 girls were affected.

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