National Registration Bureau NRB has rejected calls that an independent body should audit its data.

NRB Chief Director Mackford Somanje has rebuffed the calls at a press briefing which the bureau jointly conducted with Malawi Electoral Commission MEC on creation of voter register using NRB data base, deletion of new registered voters and clarification on issues misrepresented in media.

Somanje said such audit is a violation of law as it is not stipulated in the act.

He refuted rumours that minors were registered in the two phases of voter registration and verification excercise
Speaking earlier Chief elections officer of MEC Sam Alfandika has advised stakeholders to engage it before making outbursts and misinformed allegations in the media.

“It is not in the interest of the commission to be exposing ignorance of its stakeholders on electoral issues.
He said these scenarios can be avoided if there are constant consultations.”

Alfandika expressed that in the course of preparations for fresh elections a number of issues have been raised through the media and complaints filed with the commission.
In his presentation MEC IT expert Muhawi Chisi said only voters whose certificates begin with T19 will vote in fresh presidential elections
Voters whose certificates begin with A19, A20 and F20 will not participate in the new polls.”

He said the main threat of voter registration is people because they deceive the bureau by giving wrong information.
In her remarks Commissioner Jean Mathanga refused to resign and denied that she is incompetent.