Pregnant pupils appeal against court ruling

Pregnant pupils appeal against court ruling

Primary school learners who were fined last year for being pregnant in Nkhatabay district have appealed against the court ruling.

The magistrate court imposed 10, 000 kwacha fines on 14 pregnant girls in April after the school suspended them and the boys responsible for the pregnancy.

Their lawyer victor Gondwe of John Tennyson and associates says they are seeking the review of a magistrates court decision to fine their parents.

“My clients also challenge unlawful detention of them in police cells until the fines were paid,” said Gondwe.

Before the magistrate’s ruling the learners were referred to traditional authorities’ child protection team.

“Pupils who paid the fine were released from cell but those who were unable to do so were detained,” said Gondwe

The learners’ application is supported by youth watch society in Mxuxu and southern Africa litigation centre.

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