Radio Islam Listeners Association encourages Muslim parents to promote girl child education.

Radio Islam Listeners Association has encouraged Muslim parents at Madeco, in Mangochi district to promote girl child education.

Vice president of the association Davie Daud Mpalume made the encouragement during the launch of Madeco Radio Islam listeners’ zone.

Mpalume discouraged the tendency of engaging children in fishing and forced marriages.

However, he applauded Maryam Girls Teachers Training College for imparting knowledge in girls which helps to increase the number of educated girls in Mangochi.

“I appeal to girls to pursue nursing studies in order to help Muslim women at antenatal clinic and maternity ward,” Mpalume said

In his remarks Kimm Maulana commended Radio Islam Listeners association for establishing the group.

Maulana said listening radio Islam is very important as it is one of the good and reliable sources of Islamic knowledge.”

He said they are very ready to conduct many charitable activities

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