Ministry of health has said the patient who was suspected of suffering from Ebola in Karonga district died of fever Tuesday afternoon.

Secretary for health Dr Dan Namarika says the 37 year old male patient was admitted at Karonga treatment camp and had fever, facial swelling as well as some bleeding in the eyes, nose and mouth.

Namarika said there was no risk of Ebola since the deceased did not travel to affected area or contacted a person suffering from the disease.

“The patient was treated of generalized bacterial infection (sepsis),” said Namarika

He says preliminary lab results guided the management of the patient during therapy and other tests are pending.

The secretary for Health further says burial of the patient will be conducted in a normal way and repeated that Malawi still has no case of Ebola.

Commenting, Malawi Health equity Network MHEN said government should make public the remaining test results to ensure that citizens are not panicking.

Speaking in an interview with radio Islam MEHN Executive director George Jobe has commended ministry of health for its pro activeness in dealing with the case and releasing timely information to the nation.