Takaaful cooperative society engages chiefs on life insurance.

Takaaful Corporative Society says having life insurance cover is one way of improving one’s social economic status.

Executive director of Takaaful Adil Chilungo said this when he interacted with chiefs on life insurance cover in the area of TA Malemia in Zomba district.

“During the meeting the cooperative received insurance cover cheque for 70 people from Partners in Action for Sustainable Development PASD,” Chilungo said

He encouraged people to become members and pay for their relatives as life insurance cover eases burdens which come due to death.

On his part executive director for PASD Amos Chiyenda said his organisation understands the challenges which come during funerals.

“It is from this that PASD has decided to support 70 people for a year to be members of Takaaful funeral cover,” said Chiyenda

He said there are plans to increase the number to 100.

Commenting on the development group village headman Mtogolo said “the initiative is a welcome development as people are always stranded during funeral times.”

However, he challenges the authority to ensure that they comply with conditions stipulated in the scheme.

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