Villagers attack journalists

People of Mwansota Malema village in the area of paramount Kyungu in Karonga district attacked four journalists on suspicion that they wanted to suck their blood.

The suspected men have been identified as a BBC journalist from Britain, two Ghanaian journalists and a Malawian journalist.

Deputy police public relations officer for Karonga police station constable George Mulewa SAID they entered into the village at night and started capturing videos for their documentary on traditional magic and violence associated with it.

“Since the villagers had no knowledge of their arrival they started questioning them on suspicion that they were blood suckers. They throw stones which damaged one of the vehicles they used and aa lot of working equipment,” Mulewa explained

He added the victims who sustained minor injuries and were taken to Karonga district hospital for medical attention.

“Most of the stolen equipment has been recovered but none of the villagers has been arrested. Police in Karonga have advised people in all communities to report any suspicious activities to police other than taking the law in their hands,” said Mulewa

Nyika Media Club and MP for the area Frank Mwenefumbo have condemned the attack on the journalists.

Meanwhile, Karonga police have rescued three old people whose properties worth millions have been damaged by angry mob on witchcraft suspicion.

They elderly Robert Mwangolera 67, Ketness Nambera and Sofia Namanda 66 come from at Mwangolera village in the area of Paramount Kyungu.

They were suspected to bewitch a man who died on 2nd January in the village.

Several properties were stolen and some houses demolished.

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